Hello, my friends, and welcome. Welcome to the first of a series of Expose’s that will expose various scammers for the scum they are.

This is the first article in this series, and it comes before I finish my “about me” posts, and it is necessary to do now.  I am sick and tired of seeing people like her get away with scamming poor people on this internet who just want to see success.

Scams like This Successful System by Amanda Wray are damaging people every day

So, in the video, above I go into great detail about why this is a scam, I share with you the tricks and manipulative tactics used to play on your emotions and subconscious. 

Again, I need to remind you that Amanda Wray is not the only one, nor is she the first one to do this. She is frankly just the first of many who have been called out by me.

I want to help you to not make the mistake of believing in this garbage, or at the very least help you wake up and not fall for it again. People like her need to be stopped, but the FTC has far too many to deal with. So, it is up to people like me to expose these scam artists for the sleaze bags they are.

So, when you go online you truly need to do your due diligence about people like her.

I want you to notice, at the end of this article, I am not Pitching you anything…. At the End of the Video, nothing is being offered, this is because I just want to protect you.


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    • Christopher J Wright

      Amanda Wray is a well known scammer. She has taken advantage of several of my friends. Unfortunately most of the people she scams are clueless and uneducated about the home based business industry and they clearly don’t know what true affiliate marketing is.

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