There are really only 3 steps to building any network marketing company effectively. The problem in this day and age is that most companies are 1. not set up in a way for you to do this and it make sense for your wallet, and 2. most people are not patient enough to do this 3 step process because they need to make as much money as they can so doing it this way actually hinders them from doing this. However, when you follow the below step, and the following 2 steps after it your results will be better than any of the other people following traditional methods being taught. I am giving these methods away for free and not behind an opt in because I want you to feel empowered, and I also hope that we can close the gap in success rate vs. failure rate in the industry.

Why The 3 Steps Are So Effective:

why the 3 steps to building any network marketing business is so effective

The 3 steps to building any network marketing business are incredibly effective because when executed effectively this process virtually eliminates the excuses as to why someone would say they do not want to work with you. This process has been proven for over 29 years and has created over 500 millionaires. When you apply what I am about to teach you over the next few articles you will see results when you are consistent in doing each one of these steps in the correct order.

Step 1: The Evaluation Approach Part 1: The Relationship (Understanding F.O.R.M.:

When building any business, and especially when building a network marketing business it all starts with the relationship. Having the proper relationship with your perspective partner is vital to having success in the partnering process. You need to create a powerful, solid, and sustainable Know, Like, and Trust factor before even introducing them to your opportunity.

This process takes patience because it does not happen overnight in most cases, it takes truly getting to know someone, and allowing them to get to know you. One of the easiest ways to achieving this in an efficient way is using the F.O.R.M. Method. This method allows you to quickly and efficiently learn what motivates them, what they are passionate about, and their pain points. This method when done in a genuine way also creates trust very quickly. As we go through each step inside of F.O.R.M. you will begin to see why trust occurs naturally and quickly. These step are in no particular order and may occur in a different sequence with each connection you make, only important factor to it’s success is you hit each of these steps during the process before moving on.

F.) This first letter stands for Family, In this stage we discuss their home life in terms of are they single, married, divorced, widowed…etc. We also talk about kids and pets here as well. We want to find out about their loved ones who are their immediate support system. This is crucial information as this will tell us who all could benefit from the income potential of a network marketing business. An easy way to explore this stage is to simply ask them an easy question like:

So John, are your married? Do You Have Any Children? Tell me about your pets?

The idea here is to get the prospect talking about their family. Once they have answered this question find something about their family life that relates to your own and share it. Do not go in to too much detail because we want to keep the focus on the prospect and their family life. Do not be afraid to ask for more information on parts of their family life that interests you. Remember people love talking about their loved ones, even the furry ones.

O.) The second letter in the F.O.R.M. method stands for Occupation, in this stage, we talk to the prospect about what they are currently doing for money. This is another vital stage of the process as this will begin to paint the picture about their current financial situation. So this stage is very important to take your time in and ask as many discovery questions and clarification questions as you can until you have a very clear idea of what they do, what they like about what they do, and what they do not like. Something a lot of people overlook is what the prospect enjoys about their work. Knowing what they enjoy is just as important as knowing what they do not enjoy because you will get a complete picture of what will keep them engaged as well as what will turn them off of the business.

So Jane tell me what you currently do? What do you like best about what you do? What would you change about what you do if you could? What successes have you had? (this last one works best for people already in a competitor’s company)

Remember the idea here is to find out all you can about their current occupation. This is not just to know how to show them why partnering with you is a good idea, but also to help you not waste your time on someone that will not be a good fit for what you do. For instance if they tell you they like the job because of the money, but hate having to talk to people, then a network marketing business is probably not a good fit, but if you dig deeper in to why they do not like talking to people they may reveal it is only because they are not properly trained on how to talk to people and then that would mean they could be a good fit for the company as long as they are properly educated.

R.) The third letter in the process stands for Recreation, and this is when we really start digging for pain points. It is in this step that we really find out what the prospect enjoys doing on their off time (if they have any). We also find out what the prospect would like to be able to do, when they have more off time. People will always look for ways to increase their time enjoying life doing what they want to do so, all we want to do is really find out as much as we can about what the prospect enjoys or fantasizes about doing more of. This is a fairly easy step to talk about because we all enjoy talking about what makes us happy.

John, tell me about what you do for fun? If you had more free time to do what you wanted John, what would you do? John why don’t you spend more time doing “X”?

This step helps us better understand our prospects desires but also helps us to get them thinking about why they do not get to experience fun doing their favorite activities. This allows them to have more open mind when we reach the next phase of the Evaluation Approach.

M.) The final letter in the sequence stands for Money, and this one is the least comfortable one to talk to the prospect about, but can be the most effective pain point. This one ties in to the others as we really find out how to truly solve their pain. In this step you want to find out where they are financially in terms of their goals in life. You definitely have to watch how you ask the prospect about money because when done incorrectly can become very offensive very quickly. So the below approach is my favorite ways to talk money (the first question being my favorite).

Jane tell me if money was not a problem what would you do with your day? Jane how much money monthly would you need in order to never worry about bills and live comfortably? If someone walked up to you Jane and told you that you inherited a billion dollars what would you do first?

All of the above questions are ways to find out where someone is financially and then be able to understand the missing piece of their desired lifestyle. Some people may not be money motivated and only want to live a comfortable stress free life, while others may shoot for the mansion on mars. The only way to tell is to properly ask questions, take your time to fully understand their desires, pains, and what motivates them. Once you do you can move on to the actual Evaluation Approach.

The Proper Way To Use The Evaluation Approach:

Once you have gone through the entire F.O.R.M. Method, you are now ready to say you know, like and trust this person. So when you have reached this stage in the relationship, and I need to emphasize ONLY when you are able to say to them with confidence that you know like and trust their opinion can you proceed to the actual Evaluation Approach.

When you do this approach properly you literally have a bulletproof method to getting eyeballs on your opportunity. This approach works extremely well because it does not use pressure to bring someone in to your opportunity. There are several parts that need to be present in order for the Evaluation Approach to work. Below we are going to break down each part separately.

1.) Edify The Prospect – John, you and I have been chatting for a while now, and I really like how detail minded you are. The attention to detail you have is incredible.

2.) Use Indifference – I am currently Evaluating a business, this may or may not be for you

3.) Edify Their Opinion – I know, like and trust your opinion, would you come check it out?

All Together: Hey Jane, you and I have been friends for awhile, I see the powerful content you are posting about business skills on Facebook. You definitely are very good at building business! I am currently Evaluating a business, it may or may not be for you. I know, like, and trust your opinion, would you come check it out?


Remember this approach only works when every step is done fully. You cannot miss a step because when you miss a step in either the actual Evaluation Approach or the F.O.R.M. Method you will not have the proper response given. I hope you can see how this method works as well as it does. Definitely start to use this method and come back to this article and let me know how your results are. Share this with your team, friends in the industry, and even your up-line because I bet they could use it too. Also be on the look out for step 2, when it is available I will update this article with a link to it below:


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