My Online Journey started with an Ad On Craigslist, This ad Promised Daily Payments of $75-$100 and was classified as a Customer Service Job.

I Was Very Excited To See This Ad Because $75-$100 A Day Was A Lot Of Money For Me Back When I Started.

I Got To Work When I Wanted To As Well The Ad Said So I Could Decide Not To Work A Day If I Wanted And Still Keep The Job!

So, I Quickly Responded To The Ad With My Resume, And Got An Email Response Back Within 5 Minutes.

Not Knowing Anything About How The Online Industry Works, I Felt Excited Because I Thought This Hiring Manager Really Was Impressed By My Resume And Now, I Was Going To Make $100 A Day And Have A Lot Of Extra Money!!

So, He Told Me There Were Some Steps I Needed To Complete, First Being To Watch A Video That Went Over What I Would Be Doing, And How To Completely Get Started.

This Video Talked About Trying Free Trial, And Low Cost Offers On A Site Called “ZNZ” It Explained That All I Needed To Do Was To Get People To Sign Up For These Offers And Every time I did, I would Receive $75-$100.

After Watching The Video I Had To Go And Invest In These Offers Too, So I Picked Some Offers, And Ended Up Having To Pay Some Money To Get Qualified.

Once I Was Qualified, I Attempted To Reach Out To My Boss To Figure Out How To Get People, There Was No Training Or Response From Him. The System I Set Up Offered Some Basic Ad Examples That I Decided To Use.

I Began Frantically Copy And Pasting These Ads Everywhere I Could Think Of. I Sent The Ad To Every Family Member, Friend, And Coworker On Social Media.

This Is When I Got My First Dose Of Negative Remarks From My Trusted Friends, And Relatives. They Told Me I Am Working A Scam, And That I Was Dumb If I Invested Any Of My Own Money Into This Since I Had No Job.

This Hurt Because In My Mind I Knew This Not To Be True Because The Video I Watched Showed The Person On It Was Making $1,000’s A Day Not Just $100 It Advertised…

I Struggled Through This System For A Few Months, And I Would Every Now And Then Make $100 here or $75 There, So I Felt Like Any Other Job It Just Takes Time To Get Consistent Results.

One Day My Boss Reached Out To Me And Said He Wanted To Invite Me to Participate In Another Opportunity He Was In Where I Could Get Paid Monthly For My Efforts Instead Of Just Once Per Person.

So I Did Not Jump On It Right Away Though Because My Boss Never Helped Me With What I Was Already Doing.

However, He Became Very Persistent, Claiming He Saw All My Hard Work And Wanted Me To Be Paid What I Deserved.

I Eventually Signed Up And When I Did, I Had To Pay $50 Total For This Out Of My Pocket, And I Only Had $54 In My Bank Account At That Time. I figured I Would Definitely Make That Back Though Since My Boss Highly Recommended This To Me.

This Opportunity Had A Video As Well, But This Video Did Not Talk To Me About How To Do This Business, It Simply Said You Blog And Get Paid For It.

What Do I Write? What Do I Do Once I Write It? Are There Any Rules On Topics? So Many Questions Racing Through My Head.

So I Did The Logical Thing, I Emailed My Boss From The Email He Sent Me About This Opportunity. I Told Him I Was Excited To Get Started Just Needed To Know What To Do.

He Again Did Not Respond, This Made No Sense To Me Because Up Until This Point He Had Been Emailing Me Once A Day For A Couple Weeks.

I Did Not Understand Email Marketing Or Autoresponders

So I thought “Why Would He Not Respond, He Just Emailed Me Yesterday?”

“Maybe He Is Just Really Busy”

So I Waited A Week, And Still No Response.

This Is When I Got Brave, In The System For The New Opportunity There Was A Phone Number For Him.

I Decided He Only Probably Works With People Brave Enough To Call.

So I Called And Heard “We’re Sorry You Have Reached A Number That Is No Longer In Service, Please Check The Number And Dial Again”

It Was At This Very Moment That I Had My First Dose Of Being Treated Horrible Inside Of The Network Marketing / MLM Industry.

I Also Used This As A Chance To Do My Own Research. I Took To Google, And I Researched The Company.

I Saw A Lot Of Similar Stories Online Of People Who Had Similar Experiences.

I Also Learned About This Industry, and What An Autoresponder Was, What Email Marketing Was, What Affiliate Marketing Was, and What Network Marketing Was.

I Researched Blogging, And How To Blog.

I Started Writing Articles About Topics I Liked.

I Did Not Make Any Money At All For A Few Months, Then I Quit Because I Was Shelling Out $50 A Month For This And The ZNZ Money I Was Making I only Made Between $100-$200 A, Month So This Was Not Helping Me Make More Money.

I Decided in 2012 To Go Back On To Craigslist and Find Something Else To Do With My ZNZ Job. I Found A Different Ad That Said Get Paid To Copy And Paste Ads.  I knew I was Good At This (Or So I thought), So. I Applied and Got Accepted Right Away.

This Program Taught People How To Make Money Online and Paid Out $25 One Time. I Did Not Have to Have People Complete Offers Either. So I Got Excited And I Paid To Sign Up.

This Program Had Much More Training In It, But I Still Was Not Good At Producing Results, So For Months I Worked Harder And Harder To Learn It. Finally in December of 2012 I meet A Guy Named Chris.

Chris Had been Making $750+ A Week Inside The Same New Program I Was In. I Reached Out And He Agreed To Help Me.

He Shared A Lot Of What He Was Doing To Me, And Then He Offered To Allow Me To Join Him In A New Company That Was Coming Out.

This Is Where We Would, Partner Up And I Would See My First Real Successes

More On This To Come… As Of Now Comment Below If You Have Had A Similar Experience In Terms Of Lack Of Support, How Did You Handle It? Did you Give Up? Or Did You Keep Going And Figure Out How To Do It On Your Own?


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