Why Do YOU Have To Pay To Work From Home?



Hello, It’s Sam, Creator and Founder of Sam Austin Lee Dot Com, and also your Internet and Network Marketing Coach.  The Purpose of this post is to answer once and for all the biggest objection/question inside of the Internet Marketing, MMO Niche.


This Objection Comes From Years Of Trickery and Denial


You see if you are working a 9-5 Full Time Job.  You are paying every single day to work there.  In the next few minutes I am going to explain to you exactly what I mean.


We are going to do some math together, and find out which is the better deal.



Any Morning Coffee Drinkers? That means on Average you are paying $2-$4 a morning, and that is just for one cup.  Let’s be nice and pretend you are only drinking one cup.


   Then let’s talk lunch, You either are packing your lunch from home, or eating out.  Either way usually this will cost you around $5 a day average.


    Moving on we cannot ignore how you are getting to work.  Let’s be modest and say you have a decent car with decent gas consumption. So you only fill your car up once a pay check, and you get paid twice a month.  Average Gas costs means you are paying for a regular car anywhere between $30-$40 to fill up.  We will say $35 to keep it in the middle. 


Ok so at your job you are paying $3 a day for that morning coffee, then $5 a day for your lunch on average either by packing one, or buying one.  Then you are paying around $17.5 a week in gas.  This all adds up…. How Much You Ask?

To A Whopping $57.5 A Week.  You are paying just to work for a company.  Once you have left that company you no longer get paid.  You have to be there to get paid, to then pay $57.5 to keep that job. 


So  if you have found value in this post, please do yourself, and your loved ones a favor and share this post with them.  Comment below and let me know how much you spent a week working at your job.


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