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About Sam Austin Lee?

Sam Austin Lee

Sam Austin Lee was born July 16, 1985 in Louisville KY.  He was born in to a family as the oldest child.  He had a bit of a tough start in life with multiple health issues as a young child and infant that he had to overcome.

When he was an infant he was not learning to walk due to a sensory inauguration issue.


Basically he was not able to feel the pressure of the floor, or ground underneath his feet to be able to walk.  Through vigorous therapy he eventually overcame this hurtle and he was off!

Once he was able to walk, he began to run and play like every other toddler and early child.

This was only the beginning of the struggle early on in his life.  After he turned 3, his parents noticed he was struggling to use both of his eyes the way normal kids do.

So they took him to see the Eye Doctor.  Once he was diagnosed, they found that one of his eyes (his right eye) was out performing his other eye (his left eye).  They also found that if they did not correct this issue quickly he would lose all sight and use out of his left eye.

So quickly they tried to place a patch over his right eye to encourage his left eye to strengthen.  This only partially worked, so they decided a corrective eye surgery was in order.

Bare in mind back in the early 90s technology was not like it is now, and this surgery was not perfect.

Even still the surgery did protect his left eye from going blind, however Sam Austin Lee still to this day only uses one of his eyes at a time.


Sam Austin Lee- Early Career

When Sam Austin Lee turned 16 he started looking for a job.  He was excited when he was hired in as the mascot for a very famous pizza franchise.  I will just let the below picture do the talking about which place this was.

Sam Austin Lee-Early Career.

You see Sam always enjoyed entertaining people, and being the center of attention.  So this position fit him perfectly.  It is this position that Sam learned a very important lesson about working.

This lesson was something he would not put together until later on in life.  The lesson was:

When You Are Working A Job, You are Building Someone Else's Dream, and Legacy...Not Your Own!-Sam Austin Lee

Sam Austin Lee-The Latter Career:


Later on in Sam's career he found that he was much more happy with the idea of being his own boss.

So Sam decided immediately to start looking for an online opportunity.  One that would help him to work when he wants, from where ever in the world that he wanted.

All he found though were dead ends, that is until 2012 when he found a little affiliate program, that taught him some very basic real skills on how to make money online.

The program was nice but it was not the best part of 2012.  The best part came in December, when he contacted someone else in the very same program.

Sam Austin Lee- Meets Chris Jerrod Wright!

Sam Austin Lee-Meets Chris Jerrod Wright

Sam, and Chris began to network, and they found a product to stand behind.  Both of them learned a lot about recruiting and building a Network Marketing Company together.

What made them successful, was also what inevitably caused them to fail shortly after.

You see when they first started promoting and building their team, they quickly built a very large team.  Sam had never done anything quite this big before.  So he was not able to sustain it, because he was not adequately prepared to train and mentor all the new people who joined him.

So slowly and consistently he lost all the growth he had in the beginning.  Without being able to support the people he brought in, they quickly gave up and quit.

Shortly after Sam and Chris parted ways for a bit.


Sam Austin Lee-The Here and Now

Sam Austin Lee and Family

One thing to mention before actually going further in to the more current happenings from Sam, is that while Sam and Chris were working together, Sam also met the love of his life.  Mary who was Sam's childhood sweetheart had came back in to his life.  This also distracted Sam from his business as well.

So Sam has been a lot less reckless with his business, and decisions as of late.  He has taken on a new challenge as a coach.  This has allowed Sam to not only Fire His Boss, and live a life of freedom.  This has also allowed for Sam to help others do the same thing.

So now Sam and his team of coaches are here to help you become a much better business owner regardless of what business you are in.


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