Internet Marketing Vs Network Marketing

Hello it's Sam Austin Lee, Founder of Sam Austin Lee dot com, and also YOUR Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Coach.  Many people confuse Internet Marketing with Network Marketing.  These are two different genres of marketing, while some Network Marketers are also considered Network Marketers, and vice versa they are not one in the same.  In this below article we will be defining both Internet Marketing, and Network Marketing.


What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing has been around for decades.  The first introduction to MLM (Network Marketing) was back in the 1940's.  Carl Rehnborg created a vitamin company in the 1930's after visiting China and learning the benefits of taking vitamins with the human body.  Once he came back to America he created the MLM business model as a way to sell his vitamins to consumers.  Two of the distributors inside of his company saw the power behind this business model so they eventually split off and created a competing company that we know today as Amway.  You may be asking yourself what is Network Marketing or MLM?  I am going to answer this in a way that will be easiest to understand.

Traditional Business Model:

Internet Marketing vs Network MarketingSo in a traditional business model products are made by the manufacturer.  Once they are made they are then purchased by retail stores.  These retail stores then sell the products at a higher price than what they bought them for to the consumer.  This is how businesses have ran their sales for as long as anyone can remember.  This system is not as efficient as it could be.



MLM (Network Marketing) Business Model:


Internet Marketing Vs Network Marketing

With Network Marketing the business is able to cut down their overhead costs quite a bit.  This enables more profits for everyone involved in the business.  With MLM there is not any Retail Shops.  Instead there are independent distributors that are paid a commission directly from the manufacturer for the sales they generate.  So there is  a lot more money available to be shared amongst the reps, and company.  This also allows for better pricing for the consumer as well.  Because of the savings, the company is also able to reward the distributors who built a team of people under them that all sell as well.  So when their team makes money most cases the teams leader (upline or sponsor) receives bonuses.



Internet Marketing Defined

Internet Marketing is a genre of marketing.  This particular genre of marketing involves everything marketing related over the internet.  Online Marketing another way of saying Internet Marketing is how companies market their products or services online.  There are many sub-genres of Internet Marketing.  in 2017 and beyond if you own a business you have an internet marketing campaign set up for your business to help drive business.  Below we will go over some of the sub-genres of Internet Marketing.

  • Blogging- the act of taking your thoughts, and company's information and building a website to share it with the world. A lot of time businesses are adding unique fun content on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.
  • SEO- Going along with the website SEO is (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Video Marketing- This is another way to enhance your blogging with videos, and some people make an entire business out of recording niche videos.
  • Plus many other sub genres.

Many businesses of all sizes use Internet Marketing as a method to get their business out in front of potential customers.  It is important to know how to do this business the right way.  For this I have developed a coaching program for people to help them learn the necessary skills to get their business, and brand in front of the masses.  If this sounds like you go ahead and click the link below that says "Help Me With The Internet".  Thanks for taking the time to read this article.  Do Not Forget To Share it and Click Like, and comment below... Thanks!