What Is Autism

Autism is still very much an unknown condition to so many people. People look at children and adults with autism very differently too. I feel that it’s easier to accept the quirks and unique attributes of an Autistic child than that of a grown autistic person.

People seem to believe that with enough work they can change how an Autistic person behaves. While to a degree this is possible, it is important to remember that Autism is a Neurological way of life and not simply a disorder that can be changed through teaching.

My Autism is wired in to every section of my brain. It makes up how I see, taste,smell,hear, and feel the world. While I can mask certain actions I do I never will rid them from my life as they are who I am.

Autism is a very simple condition to accept once you realize the truth about it. One big misconception about me and other Aspies is that we are selfish and lack empathy. This is so far from the truth.

Aspies (people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Level 1 “Formally Aspergers”) are very loving empathetic and giving people. We just demonstrate it differently than a neurotypical person (non-Autistic). A better description of our Empathy would be shows Empathy differently.

As for the selfish piece this one is usually due to our constant need to share with people our special interests and our inability to show interest in your special interests. This is not everyone whose autistic though. The reason for this way of being is due to not having the normal intuition that it takes to know how to show interest and so this causes us to appear not interested. I have learned some of my favorite things from others and their interests though. Through therapy I learned skills in communication that allowed me to be able to show interest in others and what they like.

What Cannot Be Avoided.

Meltdowns – Anyone who tells you that we can avoid them or learn ways to eliminate them completely is wrong because they happen with and without controllable environmental factors. What can be done is helping us to lessen the severity of these moments.

Stimming – This is a healthy coping strategy in which an Aspie handles intense emotions by various repetitive actions like Hand Flapping, tapping, flicking hands or there are various toys designed to help an Aspie stim. Stimming while it can be very annoying to a Neurotypical, it is very important to not take this away from your Aspie loved one because this often is all that’s needed to maintain and not have a sensory overload leading to a Meltdown.

In Conclusion

Always remember an Autistic person is still a person with feelings and needs. The best term for an Autistic I’ve heard is :

Different Not Less – Temple Grandin

So thanks for reading please share, and comment below your thoughts.