Bad News! There are no Magic Pills In This Business

Hey there everyone I wanted to take this time to expose one of the biggest myths in our business.  With this myth Gurus have made millions of dollars exploiting this (excuse my bluntness) but bullshit with people.  This myth of course is the idea of 100% Done For You.  This does not exist, now there are ways to get some of this business done for you.

This is what I plan to go over with you all in this article.

I want to share with each of you ways to get some of your business, perhaps even "Most" of your business automated.  However, do not get fooled in to thinking that I am in any way telling you that I can show you how to completely automate your business.

Here is why....

In business you must add your personality to it, because in order to build sustainability and real lifetime customers they need to have the opportunity to get to know, like, and trust your brand.

So many marketers and new business owners screw this agenda up by thinking all they need to do is buy in to an automated piece of software, or website.  Then the money without them doing anything will start flowing in.

Question is if that were the case why would the creator of said system or software even sell you it?  If they could make an endless amount of money automatically without any work, then why do they need you?

So now that I have that out of the way let's talk about automating your business (not 100%), but 80% is not bad if you ask me.


Automated Method 1: Use A System/Website Already Made


So there are by now 100's of "Done For You" systems and sites out online.  If you stick to the end of this article I will be sharing one of them with you.

What is a done for you system?

I am glad you asked.  This is a system where the heavy lifting of programming and tweaking a site to a state where it will convert has been done for you.  So all you do is use it to promote your business.  Below I will list some pro's and con's.


  • These systems cut out a lot of non money making time you would have to invest in to your business if you did not use them.
  • They are professionally designed, and so are any of the graphics, videos, audios..etc on the pages.
  • You do not need to be a tech guru.


  • Most of these systems are "done for you" because they are offering a product, course, service, or software.  So you are pretty stuck promoting it, and nothing else using their pages.
  • There is usually no room to personalize these pages.  So no branding of yourself, only the company.
  • A lot of people are already using these pages the same way you plan on using them so conversion rates drop drastically once in the marketplace for awhile.

Wrapping Up:

So these pages are really good for newbies who have 0 tech skills to get their feet wet with getting content out in the marketplace for people to see.  However, any experienced marketer will tell you that it is always better to do this step yourself.


Automated tool 2: E-Mail Autoresponders:

An Autoresponder is an amazing tool that allows you to email blast a large group of emails, sometimes even in the 1,000's or more.  You can email blast them the same message, and even personalize it with their name.  Some even have additional personalization features. So now let's go over the pros and cons of this tool:


  • Save a lot of time by only having to type your email out once, and then mass mail your list, rather than individually emailing each contact separately.
  • Be able to make it appear personal by adding personalization features such as: Name, Subscribers E-Mail Address, and Your Name.. Among others with some services)
  • Staying in contact with your list even when you are not on your computer for days. You do this by setting up your emails before you leave and scheduling them.


  • Deliverability sometimes is bad, for instance if a spammer spams a lot of people from a service's particular server they are mailing emails from then anyone else on that same server will suffer in their deliverability.
  • Depending on which service provider you choose determines which features you are allowed to use.
  • Some services are more technical than others so not all are "Newbie" friendly.

Wrap Up:

Overall, the autoresponder is one of the tools I highly recommend, and I will include a list of good ones below this article.


Now I am going to move on and share some of the systems like the above two that have automated components but are not completely "Done For You".  These are tools that allow you to have the ability to do your own thing, but in an easy to do fashion.

Automated traffic methods- Method 1 Solo Ads:

This is a method where you pay someone who has a very large list to go out and promote your offer to their subscribers.  You normally pay a set price for a number of clicks (views on your offer).


  • Usually it is pretty fast traffic delivered to your offer. 
  • Sometimes buyers are included in that traffic which could generate some front end sales for you.
  • Geo Targeting is also sometimes available.


  • Like anything else there are ethical and unethical people selling solos.  So you sometimes can get bad clicks (*fake bot clicks)
  • no refunds- as this is a service that you pay for a completely digital offer you are not able to get a refund as there is no way to return the delivered service.

Automated Traffic Methods - Method 2 Facebook Ads:

Facebook offers many different types of ads on their platform it would be a lot of writing to cover each of them individually.  This is a good way to generate traffic, and if you would like personalized training on the matter I will include a link below to my recommended resource.


  • Very fast traffic generation method
  • Ability to connect with people while they are online for instant conversion possibility
  • Affordable when done correctly


  • Not newbie friendly, Do Not Do This Method if you are new, as it will cost you a lot of money with no results.
  • Highly Competitive in certain niches so more expensive for results in those niches.

Overall I like Facebook Ads for certain target outcomes, and dislike them for others.  So my best advice is decide what you want to accomplish and see how it will work with Facebooks Ads platform.

Automated Traffic Methods - Method 3 My Favorite So Far Media Buys:

This is my favorite by far, and I feel like it is fairly affordable.  You basically are paying a company for a share in their advertising they are currently doing.  So they are already advertising somewhere and getting results.  You pay them a fee and they add you in to rotation to their successful advertising campaign.  So now you did not have to do any research and are able to get traffic fast.


  • Fastest traffic in most cases
  • better chance for some front end sales 
  • better pricing as you are part of a large pool of money being spent on advertising


  • Susceptible to bot traffic (if you do not do your research)
  • lose money on a bad buy
  • may not send traffic ethically (using redirects)

So bottom line this is for any of the traffic methods, or any software or service mentioned in this article.  You need to do proper research on what you are wanting to buy to insure that people are having success with it.


Landing Page Software (80%) Done For You -

There are many different versions of this software online now.  Some you do not even have to install yourself, while others you install on your site yourself.  The ones I like are listed below this article.  This software is like the "Done For You" systems I told you about above, but instead of not having the ability to edit these you do.  So it helps you to add your personality to them.  So let's look at some Pros and Cons:


  • Ability to not have to know how to do any coding or Java Scripting.  They are all mostly a 'Drag and Drop' style builder.  What this means is that in order to add features such as; text, images, videos, opt in forms...etc, you just drag and drop those features where you want them on the page.
  • You can brand yourself, and not just one product, service, opportunity or offer.  So you can have a more unique looking page.
  • Advanced features are available in a very user friendly way ( pixel implementation, tracking capabilities, and split testing) so as a newbie you can do these things much quicker.
  • Training tutorials are almost always available to teach you how to do everything you want to do with the software.


  • Most of these pages are not always the easiest for people who do not know what they are doing at all.  What I mean is new marketers often do not know how to write sales copy, or even squeeze page copy so they are just wasting their money by getting this software before they learn some basics.
  • The pages are still slightly "Done For You" (in most cases) so you cannot completely change them
  • Some softwares are hosted on third party sites so you cannot have complete branding ability

Wrap up

For the most part though you are more free to do what you want with these pages.  If you are smart about which ones you use and do not use that aligns with your business and goals you should see better results.

Video Creation Software (70%) ' Done For You '-

This software is what you can use to quickly make professional looking videos, without the headaches of long hours meticulously editing them.  There are usually templates available that you just simply edit and use for your own needs.


  • Very high quality templates are made available often
  • No need to learn how to animate or draw on your own
  • Some templates only require you to add your own vocals and audio to them


  • Even though they claim these are easy to use some people, me included felt like they were not as user friendly as we would of liked.
  • restricted on length of video.  Most the templates are only long enough for a 30 second to 1 minute long video which means if you want to make a larger video you either need to string several short templates together, or do it all yourself.

Wrap up

So this is a software or service that I would recommend that you utilize with caution.  As I do not personally use them as they are a bit more clunky then I like.  I got you covered on video though, just go on or and hire someone to do the video for you.  You will end up paying about the same like you would buying the software.  Only this time you get a 100% done for you method.i


So there you have it, some tools very easy to use, and that will help you automate part not all of your business.  Now I will tell you a bit about something that I am seeing results with that comes super close to 100% "Done For You".  This is an affiliate offer, so if you are not interested because of that then that is fine keep scrolling, however if you are open to making money and have been struggling to do so keep reading.

I have been in this business for quite some time now (5 years- since 2012) and out of all that I have seen this is by far the best out there.  Dave Sharpe (co founder of Empower Network) created a system where he literally gives you the ads he uses to promote his business, the pages he sends his traffic to, and also even the traffic providers he uses to send traffic to.  So you can completely copy his business and start seeing results in your own business.

This system is one of the only times I say use all of his stuff rather than making your own.  All his pages are constantly updated and fresh so you are less likely to worry about saturation in the market place.  Plus as you are able to duplicate his results, he also teaches you how he came up with the ads, landing pages, and sales funnels.  That way you can earn while you learn.  This is an amazing opportunity for anyone just starting out.


To Check It Out For Yourself Click Here



Instabuilder 2.0: A Landing Page Software used with WordPress

Aweber- An Autoresponder

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