5 Mistakes New Network Marketers Make:


Mistake 1: Laziness

Inside Network Marketing there are a lot of misconceptions about how it is easy, and how you do not need to work and money will just flow in to your bank account.  This is a LIE!  Network Marketers definitely work, and in the beginning they work really hard.  They are always pushing through and working long hours.  You have to in the beginning, for several reasons:

1.) You need to learn about the company you are involved in.  You need to test the product, or service out so you know how it works.

2.) You need to be able to research the competition, and know what differentiates your products from theirs.  Why is your company better?  These questions must be answered in order for you to have an effective impact on your competition.

3.) You will be doing a lot of prospecting.  This we will cover more later on in this article, but for now I just want to say one thing.  In the beginning you need to have a mindset of meeting and talking to as many people as you can.


Mistake 2: Having Unrealistic Expectations.

This is a big mistake that is not entirely your fault.  In network marketing we have companies and reps that set unfair expectations for new network marketers.  They flash expensive cars, houses, and other things like lots of money in an effort to convince people to join their company.  They make it seem as if you are able to join and make a lot of money right off the bat.

This is not a true statement.  You need to work hard to achieve results.  This hard work is expected to go over a long period of time.  Sometimes it can take as much as a year or even two years to get to the income level you desire.  That is still better though than working 40+ years for a company and retiring broke.  You will have to work awhile with barely any results in the beginning though.  This is where people get frustrated.  They think they should make $1,000’s in their first week, and then get mad when that does not pan out.

REMEMBER: You Want To Live A Life Of True Freedom, Not Have To Answer To A Boss.  That Type Of Lifestyle Takes Work.

Mistake 3: Forgetting This is a Numbers Game

Many new network marketers forget that this is a numbers game like anything else that is in the sales arena.  You will need to be able to handle rejection to be successful in this business.  You need to be able to pick yourself back up and be able to move forward.

You need to remember that just because the last 30 people said no (highly unlikely), does not mean the next 1 will.  The only certainty in this business is that the people you never speak to will never join your business.  The rest is up to you to figure out as you go.  Learn how to speak to people, and what to say to peak interest in them.  Some of my best insights came from the people who told me “NO!”  If you are struggling in being able to handle this aspect of Network Marketing I recommend you check out:Go for No! for Network Marketing.  It is in that book that they go over an entirely new way of looking at Network Marketing.  This helps people stop being so shy about getting told no by prospects and it really will help you to become successful.


Mistake 4: Talking To Unqualified Prospects:

This is an easy mistake to do in the beginning of a new Network Marketers career online.  They want to tell everyone about their product, service, and/or Opportunity.  They are excited about it, so why wouldn’t you be?  This is a wrong way to look at the opportunity.  You need to treat this opportunity as great as it is and be selective in who you invite to join you in this journey.

This is where sales people are the ones who fail big time.  They are great for making initial money in the business but horrible at the sustained income they are after.  They can sell ice to eskimos but when the better colder ice comes in to town these eskimos are quick to leave him, for the new stuff.

The reason for this is there was no real relationship built by the sales person.  They simply said the right words, and got the sale.  This is where we need to take a deeper look at what a qualified prospect is.

Let me also be clear, You want to talk to as many people as you can.  You just do not want to offer this opportunity to all of them.  You want to ask qualifying questions.  Questions that help you determine if the product is a good fit for them, and then also if the opportunity is something they are prepared to invest their time and money in to.  You may find out that they are only a good fit for the product.  Which sell that product, and then maintain them as a customer.  Then there will be those people who are eager to get involved in the opportunity like you were, and those are the people you want to offer the opportunity to.

Doing this will help you sustain the income level you want for the long haul, when done correctly.  You also want to train your new people to do this too.  This method may take longer to see big checks, but this method will insure those big checks keep growing and coming in over the long time.


Mistake 5: They Give Up Too Soon!

This mistake happens a lot as well inside of Network Marketing.  New Network Marketers will often get discouraged and feel depressed because they did not get the results that they thought they would get.  They feel like they should have made more money faster than it is happening for them so they give up.  Sometimes they give up right before they would’ve started to see the results they wanted.

This is a HUGE mistake, because remember we said this already, Network Marketing is a long haul game, not a short one.  So you need to be able to stay in it for the long term.  You do not want to give up because the short term struggle.  Always remember that yes it may be tough right now, but 2 years from now when you are able to travel the world, stop looking at price tags, and work when you want from where ever you want it is because of the endurance you had in the beginning.


In Conclusion:

So there you have it, the 5 biggest mistakes new network marketers make, and I hope now you are inspired to get started in Network Marketing, or keep going.  I hope that these mistakes are learning tools so you do not have to make the same mistakes so many people have made and are currently making.  If you need a more one on one approach to Network Marketing, and would like a bit of extra coaching.  I am offering one on one coaching, and am currently accepting applications here.


Until Next Time,

Sam Austin Lee

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