1 – Focusing on The Wrong Stuff

Living with ASD is talked about as a way for us to have the ability to be like Rain Man, and laser focus on very lucrative obsessions. What they do not tell you though is how you can focus on really ridiculous things that can sometimes even cause you trouble. For instance during a heated debate with a loved one, you can focus in on the wrong point your loved one is making and miss the correct one.

Another big one that happens to me is being focused on time wasters, rather then what is important. A good example of this is when I should be working on my business, I would much rather play a video game, or watch YouTube, or a funny tv show. This becomes very inconvenient because I want to make money for my family, and consistency is very important for any business building. Granted there are moments where I do very well at focusing on my website and business, it just is not as focused as people think.

2 – Bad with People

This one I know most of you have probably already heard people talk about, but I am going to put my unique spin on it. When in social situations a lot of Aspies (people on the high functioning side of the Autism Spectrum) have trouble with sarcasm and jokes. I do not have an issue most of the time with sarcasm or jokes, every once in a while this can be an issue but I have a much larger one. I am practically unemployable if I allow myself and my perceptions to rule me. The reason for this is my lack of understanding relationships with people. My perceptions if not in check get me in a lot of trouble, because I often times will think someone and I at work have developed a close friendship where joking and saying things that could be offensive wont offend people. This of course gets me in to trouble because I end up offending people. The other way this can go is I now have my perceptions so far in check that I am sure I am missing out on some legit friends. Then again could it just be my bad perceptions that cause me to feel that way?

3 – Bad Perceptions

*****IMPORTANT PAUSE, and DISCLAIMER: If you feel like you have any of these traits, it is important to seek professional help, and not try to self diagnose yourself, these traits are my personal experiences, and I have been properly tested and diagnosed by a medical professional.**************

Perceptions are a big one I kind of went in to a part of them in my previous example, but they go deeper than that. Perceptions can be a real problem because they make you form opinions about your reality. When your perceptions are not correct then this can affect your entire reality in a negative way. For instance, often times people will do nice things for me and i would exaggerate this in to someting more than what is was.

Another bad perception that can happen with me which kind of turns out in my favor is I often times cannot tell when people are being hurtful. Some types of bullying can occur for far longer than it should be able to because of me classifying it as joking around. This benefits me in terms of sparing my feelings initially but in the end turns out badly because people I put in the friends category turn out to be not worth being friends. So it can definitely be tough.

4 – Bad memory

This trait is by far my least favorite one that I have, because it is very annoying forget important things. The reason for this is due to Aspies having a very selective memory. When it comes to obsessions we have it is very easy to remember a lot of tiny details most would not. In terms of remembering to take out the trash when it get’s full so people in your family can throw things away that is a whole nother story.

A very big myth in the world is that people with Autism (all people on the spectrum) are good with numbers. This is not always true with everyone. Just because people have Autism does not mean they lose their uniqueness, and its especially true with me. It has taken me 33 years to remember my fathers Birthday. Now my father and I have not had the best of relationships but my mom and I have and I to this day do not remember her birthday. However I remember my sons and fiance’s easily. It all comes down to a memory that is Selective.

Now my memory is not all bad, when it comes to being entertaining my memory is chalk full of funny lines from movies, and tv shows. Most of this skill I learned from my fiance. She is even better at quoting than I am.

In Summary

Living with ASD is a challenge, but also a gift because I feel like I am seeing the world through a different pair of eyes than that of someone whose NT or Neuro-Typical. I may need extra clarifications on the meaning behind various actions or statements, and I may require patience from people when it comes to focus and memory but overall I truly enjoy my life and who I am. So anyone who is considering these and thinking I do those things, or experience those problems I encourage you to seek diagnosis from a medical professional and there are a lot of helpful resources on the topic of ASD and formally called Aspergers. You can find support. Which traits did I miss? Leave me a comment below I would love to connect with all of you!