For a lot of you, I am going to be introducing myself for the first time.  However, some of you may remember me, and know that I used to have a major footprint in the online community.  After some time I took a step back from Internet Marketing, and Network Marketing.  I did so for personal reasons, and to also reevaluate myself, and what I want.   I remained in the shadows observing what was going on online, and I have got to say there is a lot more junk in 2018 coming out.

This angers me that people are still being served up hot steaming piles of you know what.  This is to just line the pockets of Guru’s.  No one really benefits from most of this stuff.  I see the same hype and fluff coming from Guru’s who state they do not believe in hype or fluff.

I want to apologize if this comes off a bit like a rant, I just want to make some things clear…

I absolutely love Network Marketing, and Internet Marketing.  I studied Internet Marketing for my Bachelors program, and have a vast amount of real world and scholastic knowledge in the subject.  There is a lot to learn inside of the Internet Marketing realm for someone just starting out online.  I want to be able to share strategies that some people may try to charge you a price tag with at least 3 0’s at the end of it to learn.

So definitely I want to help you to learn how to perform Internet Marketing the right way, and the ethical way.  I want to save you from buying these useless courses that promise to make you rich without any effort or work on your part.  That in itself sounds really dumb.

I do not mean to sound mean, but it is true, think about it…  If you had a way to generate endless supplies of cash on autopilot, why would you need to sell that secret to me?  The reason they will give you:

“There is plenty to go around, I want to help my fellow man”.

There is a major hole in this response though.  If that is the truth, and you are able to make money doing this method, why not just share the strategy without charging me $1,000+ for it?

That is why I am back, I am super angry with this industry relying on your desperation to make money.  This has got to be stopped.  By all means if you have a skill and want to teach someone that skill for profit that is fine.  You took your own time to develop that skill, and master it.  However, do not wrap up a bunch of B.S. in to a flashy name and call it a product worth buying.

So in the coming weeks you will see more and more of me, and I am going to be blogging about all sorts of things on this site.  Everything from  Personal development, to Crypto Currency, to Making Money Online.  Please leave a comment, share my articles that best make sense to you with everyone.   I promise to give you the very best, unfiltered, no B.S. information I have available to me.

It’s Great To Be Back!!

To our success,

Sam Austin Lee

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